Kyoto Sharp Press All-In-One Steam Electric Iron & Regulator W/ 7' Hose

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Kyoto Professional Irons

Kyoto Gripper All-Steam Iron

Kyoto Gripper VPR-500 All-Steam Iron

Our most popular all-steam iron with a tougher steel steam regulator valve, wider holes to produce more steam, and an innovative grooved comfort grip handle. Weight: 2.6 lbs

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Kyoto Sharp Press All-In-One Steam Electric Iron & Regulator

Kyoto Sharp Press All-In-One Steam/Electric Iron

This steam/electric iron replaces the need for a Steam Regulator. Plus, its Electric Heated Base Plate creates a better press and sharper creases. Weight: 3.75 lbs

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Kyoto Industrial Irons

Kyoto Irons Deliver Exceptional Results.

For irons that excel in professional garment pressing, look no further than Kyoto. These top-of-the-line irons are designed to deliver crisp, impeccable results with ease. Kyoto offers industrial all-Steam and steam/electric irons tailored to meet your specific needs. Not sure where to start? The Kyoto Gripper VPR-500 is our most popular all-steam iron, known for its durability and lightweight—under 3 lbs.! Or, for a steam/electric iron, try the Kyoto Sharp Press, which features an electrically heated base plate for sharper creasing.

Types Of Irons For Clothing And Laundry Services

Gravity-Fed Iron

Gravity-Fed Irons

“Wet steam” irons great for light commercial use like drop stores and tailor shops. No steam system or lowboy connection required. Features an external water reservoir and no auto-shutoff, making it possible to iron fabric for hours at a time without needing to refill.

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Steam/Electric Iron

Steam/Electric Irons

Steam/Electric irons for use with a Lowboy or other industrial steam system. These irons combine internal temperature control with powerful “dry” steam for some of the most reliable irons around. Connection to a steam system and an electrical source is required. 

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All-Steam Iron

All-Steam Irons

Industrial Steam Irons that require a boiler, steam generator, or other steam system to operate and are used by professional dry cleaners for the extra-powerful “dry” steam. Used for ironing large quantities of fabric quickly, with a crisp professional-quality finish.

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