Lint Removal Tools

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Knock Out Lint And Dirt With Lint Rollers, Sweater Shavers, and Lint Brushes.

Pick up lint and leave nothing but a flawless fabric surface behind using Lint Removal Products from Cleaner’s Supply. Whether you’re working with fuzzy knits, heavy suede, or smooth silk, we have a Lint Removal Tool that’s perfect for the job. Eliminate lint, dirt, hair, and other debris from a fabric’s surface quickly with our high-quality Adhesive Lint Rollers, or dust away unwanted imperfections with a quick brush from a Lint Brush or Comb. For especially lint-prone or fuzzy garments like knits and sweaters, it’s easy to remove lint and pilling using a Sweater Shaver or Fabric Shaver. Sweater Shavers are gentle enough that you don't have to worry about damaging the fabric, too. Browse all of our Lint Removal Tools here to ensure that your work is lint-free and flawless.