Shirt Tags


No More Mix-Ups With Dry Cleaning Shirt Tags.

No matter how many shirts are in your workload, you’re ready for anything. Be prepared to keep all your shirt orders organized and assembled correctly with Shirt Tags from Cleaner’s Supply. Our Shirt Tags are narrow dry cleaning tags, the perfect width to fold through a buttonhole or fabric label. They’re made from wet-strength paper and printed with a special process that ensures these durable tags can withstand all cleaning processes. Shirt Tags are available in several styles. Roll Lot Tags are great for a large volume of orders, and Shirt Piece Tags prevent wasted tags. Opt for an all-in-one system with Shirt Tag Invoices, or choose economical 7-Up & 9-Up Shirt tags or easy-to-use Pad Shirt Tags. These dry-cleaning tagging systems provide a great way to keep track of multiple shirts in an order and prevent any mix-ups. Browse all of our Shirt Tags here to find the tagging system that works best for you.