Zippered Gown Garment Bags

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Gown And Wedding Dress Garment Bags Keep Gowns Clean.

Make sure that your customers’ important formal garments make it back to them safely using Zippered Gown Garment Bags from Cleaner’s Supply. Great for bridal gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses and other formal gowns, Zippered Garment Bags protect gowns from dust, dirt, and damage during transit or shorter-term storage. Protect your customers’ gowns with a Plastic Garment Bag or Non-Woven Garment Bag. Zippered Bags feature a front zipper and are available in a variety of lengths suitable for long gowns. We also offer bags with a gusset to accommodate gowns with extra width and volume. Shop all of our Zippered Gown Garment Bags here to make sure that your customers’ gowns are in pristine condition for their big event.