Laundry Wrap


Heat Seal Wrap and Stretch Wrap For Linens, Laundry, And More.

Make sure that clean laundry and linens stay clean with Laundry Wrap from Cleaner’s Supply. Wrapping freshly cleaned garments, towels, linens, and other laundered items with laundry wrap helps keep them clean, crisp, and fresh until they’re needed. Laundry Wrap is commonly used by industrial laundry facilities like hospitals and hotels to wrap linens, keeping out dust and dirt. It’s also a great way to ensure that garments get home safely with your customers. Choose from Heat Seal Laundry Wrap, which can be sealed with a heat seal machine, or Stretch Laundry Wrap, which clings easily to seal closed. Plus, try a Laundry Wrap Dispenser to easily cut and dispense Laundry Wrap. Shop Laundry Wrap here to find a sealed-tight way to keep laundry as crisp as when it was first washed.