Dry Clean Tag Invoices


All-In-One Tagging And Billing With Dry Cleaning Tag Invoices.

Make the most of your garment tagging with this super-fast all-in-one tag system. Dry Cleaning Tag Invoices help you easily keep track of all the garments in an order. Each Dry Clean Tag Invoice comes with an invoice and 8 attached dry cleaning garment tags. The invoice portion is printed on 2-part or 3-part paper with carbon paper so you have a copy for the customer or your records. The dry cleaning tags are printed on wet-strength paper made to withstand the cleaning process. On each pad, the invoices and tags have easy-to-read matching numbers so it’s easy to keep track of which garments belong to each order. Dry Cleaning Tag Invoices are available blank or custom-printed with your business name or logo. Shop all of our Dry Cleaning Tag Invoices here for a super convenient tagging system that's sure to help you keep orders accurate.