Mesh Laundry Bags


Mesh Laundry Bags For Delicates and Separating Garments.

When it comes to laundry, Mesh Bags are any cleaner’s best friend! Keep clothes separated or protected during the wash cycle with Mesh Bags from Cleaner's Supply. These quality mesh laundry bags are built to withstand repeated washing and drying. Use extra-strong Super Mesh bags to keep orders separate and organized—the extra-wide holes allow you to see what’s inside the mesh bag more clearly. Fine Mesh Bags have smaller-sized holes and are an excellent choice for protecting delicate items or garments with fringe, lace, straps, buttons, or other elements that could get snagged. Mesh bags are available in several sizes, from small accessory Zip Net Bags to Wedding Gown Net Bags. Browse all of our available Mesh Bags here to find all the Mesh Bags you need to keep laundry sorted and safe in the washing machine.