Acid-Free Tissue Paper

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Acid-Free Tissue Paper Is Ideal For Garment Storage.

When it comes to long-term garment storage, you want to make sure every detail is safe for garments, down to the tissue paper. With Acid-Free Grade Tissue Paper from Cleaner’s Supply, you can be confident of just that. Perfect for wedding gown storage, this preservation-quality tissue paper helps you add a high-end, professional look to your packaging while ensuring that your customers' garments are safe and sound in long-term storage. Our Acid-Free Tissue Paper is unbuffered, meaning it doesn’t have an alkaline buffer that’s added to buffered tissue paper. Because some materials may be sensitive to these buffers, unbuffered tissue paper is recommended for the storage of some natural-fiber materials like silks and wools, as well as unknown materials. Shop Acid-Free Tissue Paper here to get started with these preservation-grade packaging materials—and don’t forget to check out our other Bridal & Gown Packaging Products to complete your gown packaging.