Laundromat Signs

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Get Your Customers’ Attention With Eye-Catching Laundromat Signs.

Communicate with your customers and catch their attention using Laundromat Signs from Cleaner’s Supply. Choose from a variety of eye-catching signs, including Electric Signs, Laundromat Signs, Posters, Sidewalk Signs, Static Clings, and more. Our Laundromat-specific signs include a variety of helpful messages for laundromat patrons, including “last wash,” “check washers,” “do not overload machines,” and more helpful notices. Posters and Static Clings feature trendy designs and are a great way to brighten up your storefront or interior. Or try Electric Signs and Sidewalk signs to catch potential customers’ attention from the street. Shop Laundromat Signs here to find the perfect sign for your storefront, counter area, or store interior.