Clothing Hangers, Garment Bags, Laundry Wrap, And More Laundry Packaging Supplies.

You’ve done the hard work of getting garments, comforters, linens, and all of your customers’ other items clean—now make sure they stay as clean and fresh as if they were just washed with Packaging from Cleaner’s Supply. Great for wash and fold services, laundromats, industrial laundry services, and more, our Packaging helps you protect your work from dirt, dust, and moisture while in transit. For garments, try Hangers and Garment Bags to keep hanging garments protected, and use Twist Ties to group multiple Hangers together. Or try Shirt Packaging to keep folded shirts protected in transit or storage. Use Laundry Wrap to keep linens and other laundered items clean until they’re ready to use, or try Comforter Bags for storing and transporting large items like blankets, drapes, and more. Browse all of our handy Packaging Items here to find everything you need to make sure your laundered items are ready to return to the customer.