1-Item Stickers & Twist Ties


Easily Spot Single-Item Orders With One-Item Products.

Easily identify single-item orders with One-Item Products from Cleaner’s Supply. One-Item Labels can be secured around a garment hanger for easy visibility to help you keep track of single-item orders. These order organizers are brightly-colored and eye-catching, so you’ll quickly spot them on a garment hanger. Choose from One-Item Stickers and Twist Ties for your single-item orders. One-Item Stickers come in a sheet or roll and feature an adhesive backing that peels away. Twist Ties are wide for easy handling and twisting. Both feature bold text reading “1 Item” against a brightly-colored background. If you’re working with sticker rolls, you can also try using our roll dispensers to keep your stickers always within reach. Browse all of our One Item Products here to get started with these handy order organizers.