Bagging Racks


Bagging Racks Make Bagging With Plastic Garment Bags A Breeze.

Bag finished orders quicker and easier than ever with Bagging Racks from Cleaner’s Supply. Using a Bagging Rack helps keep Poly Garment Bags always within reach and makes bagging easier, helping to speed up your order assembly process. No matter the size of your operation, we’ve got a Bagging Rack that’ll suit your needs. Choose from compact One-Roll Baggers, durable Three-Roll Baggers, space-saving Industrial Slick Rail Racks, Free-Standing Bagging Jacks without a bag holder, and more. Additional bagger accessories like Bagger Trays and Replacement Jacks are also available to help you keep your assembly quick and efficient. Shop all Bagging Racks here to find the best option for your store.