Straight Pins

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Keep Fabrics Pinned In Place With Straight Pins.

Easily secure garments and other fabrics with Straight Pins from Cleaner’s Supply. Our quality straight pins are suitable for many uses around your store—they’re great for tailoring and repairs, and some dry cleaners even use them to carefully pin garments in place on the hanger. Choose from Straight Pins and Ball Head Pins. Ball Head Pins feature a rounded head that makes the pin easier to see and grab. Pins are available in a variety of sizes for different fabrics. Thinner pins are suitable for finer fabrics, and thicker pins are better for heavier fabrics. Pins can leave behind holes in some fabrics when removed, so they might not be suitable for all garments. Browse all of our Straight Pins here for a secure and subtle fastener that's great to have on hand.