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Shoulder Pads And Garment Pads For Tailoring, Alterations And More.

Shoulder Pads and Garment Pads from Cleaner’s Supply help you get the fit and silhouette you’re looking for. Ideal for tailoring, our Shoulder Pads and Garment Pads are an ideal choice for suit jackets, blazers, coats, and more. Use shoulder pads to shape shoulders to the desired style. Choose from a variety of men's and women's Shoulder Pad styles, including straight cut, drop style, stiffener, and half-moon shoulder pads to create the look you want. Or try Garment Pads to build up other areas of a garment to create the best possible fit. Our selection of Garment Pads includes Sleeve Heads, Chest Pads, Neck Pads, Shoulder Blade Pads, and more. Shop all of our Shoulder and Garment Pads here to find all the garment inserts you need for tailoring, alterations, and more.