Button Coverings


Protect Buttons During Cleaning With Button Shields.

You take excellent care of your customers' garments, down to the last button. That's why Cleaner's Supply has what you need to help ensure that fragile buttons, buckles, or decorative elements are well-protected during the cleaning process. Button Covers are super convenient and easy to use. They also help prevent garments from getting snagged on buttons! Choose from Button Shields, Button Foil, and Button Slips to provide a protective cover for your customers' garments. Button Shields are small, plastic cases that clip onto the button base and snap closed to encase the button. They’re reusable and made to withstand the dry cleaning process. Button Foil consists of an aluminum foil roll that allows you to quickly and easily cover buttons, buckles, or other decorative elements. Button Slips are softer covers made of nylon hook and loop material that secures gently but firmly around the surface of the button to keep it protected. No matter which style you decide on, Cleaner's Supply has got you—and your buttons—covered! Shop all Button Coverings here to get started.