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Superior Utility Press Pads & Covers For Optimal Pressing.

For superior Press Pads for your utility press, look no further. Cleaner’s Supply Utility Press Pads are just what you need to ensure speedy, consistent pressing in your store. Each layer of our SUPERFAST Press Pads is designed for optimal pressing. The outer layers of each Utility Pad are fully breathable, from the porous outer shell to the heavy mesh bottom. These breathable layers allow for quick steam flow—so quick, our pads steam up in 6 seconds! A heavy flannel layer prevents the pad from drying out, and thick, resilient inner foam adds cushion and insulation to absorb impressions from pockets, buttons, or zippers. Browse all of our Utility Press Pads here, or use the filters on the left side of the page to find a pad that’s compatible with your pressing machine to get started with these super-efficient Utility Press Pads.