Net Laundry Pins & Plastic Net Clips


Mesh Bag Pins and Clips Keep Net Bags Securely Closed.

If you’re using mesh bags to keep garments separated, the last thing you want is for a bag to open during a wash cycle. Make sure that mesh bags stay securely closed using Net Bag Pins & Clips from Cleaner’s Supply. Net Bag Pins & Clips are ideal for open-top mesh bags and are suited to withstand both wash and dry cycles. Choose from metal and plastic options to close your mesh bags. Our Stainless Steel Net Laundry Pins are extra-durable and able to last a long time with repeated use. Or try Plastic Net Clips for an alternative to metal pins that’s gentler on your machine's basket or drum. Shop all Net Bag Pins & Clips here to quickly and easily close mesh bags.