Vacuum Ironing Boards & Professional Ironing Boards


Professional Ironing Boards and Vacuum Boards For Optimal Pressing.

Find the perfect surface for smooth, even ironing with Vacuum & Ironing Boards from Cleaner’s Supply. Our top-quality Ironing Boards and Vacuum Boards offer an even pressing area and a variety of handy features to make ironing quick and easy, including racks, extensions, vacuum features, and more. For quick touch-ups and small spaces, see our convenient Tabletop Ironing Boards, the perfect space-saving solution for an ironing board. Or choose from our Ironing Boards With Racks for a larger, heavy-duty frame, optional storage space, and large pressing area. For optimal pressing, choose a Vacuum Board with built-in vacuum capabilities and a heated pressing surface. See all of our available Ironing Boards here to find the perfect option for your pressing station.