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Shop Ink Ribbons For Dry Cleaning Tags And Forms At Cleaner’s Supply.

For all your printer ink needs, Cleaner’s Supply has you covered. Our Indelibond Ink Ribbons are long-lasting and individually wrapped—perfect for anyone printing their own dry cleaning tags. The Indelibond ink is specially formulated to withstand all dry cleaning, laundry, and bleaching process so you don’t have to worry about faded or illegible tags. Indelibond Ink Ribbons are available for several popular commercial printer brands, including Epson, Okidata, Star, and more. For garment marking, we also carry Thermopatch Ink Ribbons. These indelible ink ribbons are used in Thermopatch machines to temporarily or permanently mark garments or tags. We also offer several replacement Ink Ribbons suitable for some point of sale and label printers. Shop all Ink Ribbons and Cleaner’s Supply right here to find what you need for bold, legible printing in your business.