Shop Hanger Clips From Cleaner’s Supply.

You want your customers’ garments to look their best on the hanger—and stay there! That’s where Cleaner’s Supply Clips come in handy. These clips hold garments with just the right amount of grip, preventing any slipping and ensuring that garments stay securely in place without damaging the fabric. They’re also great to keep garment elements like collars, cuffs, and sleeves positioned neatly for the best appearance. Choose from a variety of Clips, including hanger clips for pants, skirts, shirts, cuffs, and more. Whether you need a garment hanger clip for lightweight or heavier garments, it’s easy to find a hanger clip that’s strong enough for heavy wool or gentle enough for silk. Browse all of our Clips here to find the perfect hanger clips to help you put your best foot forward and ensure that your customer’s garments make it home safely.