Garment Lining


Shop Fabric Linings For Suit Jackets, Pants, Coats And More.

You know the importance of a good lining in a garment—no suit jacket or sport coat is finished without it. That’s why Cleaner’s Supply offers high-quality Garment Linings in a variety of materials and colors to help you finish your tailoring or alteration job. Whether you need lining for jackets, coats, pants, skirts, or other garments, we can help. Smooth fabrics like Satin, Rayon, Rayon Blends, and Viscose Blends are ideal for coats, jackets, and sleeves. Or try a more structured Cotton or Cotton Blend Lining to line pockets, garment curves, and more. Our Twill Linings give sports coats and suit jackets a high-end feel, and flexible Polyester, Cotton/Polyester, or lightweight Twill fabrics are great for lining pants and skirts. Shop all Garment linings here to find the perfect match for the inside of your garments.