Hanger Organizer


Clothes Hanger Storage Racks and Holders Help You Save Space and Money.

Don’t let clothes hangers pile up and take up space—keep your hangers neat and orderly with Hanger Holders from Cleaner’s Supply. Hanger Holders make it easy to organize hangers and encourage your customers to recycle them, saving you space and money. Hanger Holders are available in several styles. Our Hanger Holder Boxes give your customers a place to return their hangers, helping you re-use hangers and save money. Hanger Racks help you organize hangers and reduce clutter in your store. Rolling Hanger Racks are also available so you can keep your hangers within reach wherever you need them. Browse all Hanger Holders here for clothes hanger storage that gives you a tidier work area and an easy way to collect hangers from customers.