Pressing & Spot Cleaning Guns


These Spotting Guns Keep Up With Your Busy Workload.

Spotting is quicker and easier than ever with Pressing and Spotting Water Guns from Cleaner’s Supply. Our durable, long-lasting water guns and hoses are made to last and withstand the everyday wear and tear that a water gun endures. Choose from several styles of Water Guns, including Non-Drip Water Guns and Overhead Water Guns. Non-Drip Water Guns are heavy-duty and impact-resistant, built to keep up with your workload. Overhead Water Guns are a great choice for misting. They’re comfortable to use and create a fine mist, perfect for anyone who does a lot of misting. Hoses are sold separately from Water Guns, so don't forget to check out our Water Gun Parts, including hoses, springs, valves, and adapters. See all of our Spotting Water Guns and Parts here to find everything you need for an easy-to-use spotting setup.