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Shop Even More Sewing Notions For Garment Construction At Cleaner’s Supply.

Looking for even more sewing notions for garment construction and tailoring? You found ‘em. Cleaner’s Supply offers a variety of specialty sewing notions for any job. Quickly mend or reinforce a garment with Mending Patches and Mending Rolls, or replace parts of a garment altogether with replacement Knit Cuffs, Collars, and Waistbands. Add structure and support to garments using Boning or Corset Busks. Use Collar Accessories like Collar Stays, Collar Expanders, Undercollar Felt, and Canvas to keep collars looking flawless. Or, use Underarm Shields to protect the underarm of a garment. Browse these and even more Garment Construction Notions right here to find what you need for your next tailoring or repair job.