Roll Lot Shirt Tags


Process Shirts By The Lot With Roll Lot Shirt Dry Cleaning Tags.

When you’re handling a large volume of shirts, keeping track of orders is half the battle. Roll Lot Shirt Tags help you get through your workload quickly and efficiently. Roll Lot Shirt Tags come in rolls of 100 tags per lot. Using the Roll Lot Tag System, garments are processed in the exact order that they were checked in. This tagging system is great for high-volume locations and helps speed up production by cutting down on time spent looking for a master tag number. They’re available in several colors and styles to help you organize by day, route, store, or another system of your choosing. Roll Lot Shirt Tags are made of wet-strength paper suited to hold up to every part of the cleaning process. They’re also perfectly sized to fold through a buttonhole, making these dry cleaning shirt tags the ideal choice for any business that processes large volumes of shirts.