Sewing Trays & Cabinets


Thread Boxes, Sewing Trays and More Sewing Storage.

We know that you can never have enough storage space in your store—especially for small sewing notions that can quickly get disorganized without the right storage. Keep thread, buttons, needles, and other small items organized with Sewing Trays and Cabinets from Cleaner’s Supply. These handy storage materials help you stay organized so you can work more efficiently. Make sure your threads are right where you need them with Thread Boxes or Thread Cone Trays, conveniently sectioned off to help you keep colors separate so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Or try one of our other handy sewing Storage Trays with multiple compartments to store and organize all of your small sewing notions. Browse all Sewing Trays & Cabinets here to find the perfect storage solution to help you save space.