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Legger Press Pads and Covers For Crisp Pants After The First Press.

Press pants with flawless, even steam using Legger Press Pads and Covers from Cleaner’s Supply. We carry Press Pads compatible with legger presses from all the top brands, including Hoffman, Cissell, Forenta, Ajax, Sankosha, and more. Our SUPERFAST press pads are constructed with breathable layers designed to help create the perfect press. The outer layers feature a porous, breathable shell and a heavy mesh bottom that allows steam to pass through easily and evenly. A heavy flannel layer prevents the pad from drying out or cracking. The inner thick foam layer of the pad adds cushion and insulation to absorb impressions from pockets, buttons, and zippers. Browse all of our Legger Pads here, or use the filters on the left side of the page to find a pad that’s compatible with your pressing machine.