A Holiday Pick-Me-Up for Your Customers!

November 01, 2018

Only Cleaner's Supply Offers a Holiday Gift That Gives Back!

Nov 2018:  For almost a decade Cleaner’s Supply has partnered with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to bring you the Toys for Tots Holiday Lint Remover Program.  Cleaner’s Supply has joined with Toys for Tots to help bring the joy of the holidays to less fortunate children. It’s the gift of hope that both you and your customers will feel great about. Don’t just give a lint remover, give a gift of hope and help give a deserving child the magic of the season! This year’s updated Dry Cleaner Holiday themed designs will surely be something you’ll appreciate. Call today and ensure that you get yours.

Cleaner's Supply Launches over 200 New Products 2017 Catalog

January 01, 2017

Jan 2017:  Cleaner's Supply® Inc. a leading distributor of products for the dry cleaning industry, has launched their 2017 catalog with over 200 new products.  Get-A-GripTM is just one of the many new products now offered exclusively from Cleaner's Supply®.  Developed to relieve presures hand fatigue, this iron handle cover fits on most all steam and steam electric irons.  The thick foam cover offers comfort from the daily exhaustion of hand ironing and its anti-slip material makes this a must have item at the iron station.

In addition to Get-A-GripTM,  Cleaner's Supply® will now be offering Comforter Bags in 5 Colors, as well as an innovative mobile Hanger Rack to store hangers on. Plus, prices have been lowered on hundreds of everyday used items, like the Instructions Tags that are now $1.88 a box. Call to order or request a catalog at 1-800-568-7768 or for Korean call 1-800-368-7768. You can also visit us online at