Pad Shirt Tags


Keep Track Of Multiple Garments With Shirt Tag Pads.

Easily tag and keep track of multiple garments with Pad Shirt Tags from Cleaner’s Supply. Pad Shirt Tags are stitched together into a pad of 2-11 tags that are easily separated. The bolded number that appears on every tag shows the number of garments in the bundle. Each pad has enough tags for the chosen number of garments plus one extra tag for the invoice, so you can bundle up to 10 garments in an order with these tags. Shirt Tags can be inserted easily through a buttonhole, belt loop, or fabric label on a garment so the tag remains visible throughout your entire process. This way, you can easily identify how many other garments belong in an order. Pad Shirt tags are made of wet-strength paper to make sure that they’re able to hold up to the cleaning process. Pad Shirt Tags are available in multiple colors and tag quantities.