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Our Durable Iron Shoes Hold Up To Rigorous Steam and Heat.

At Cleaner’s Supply, we know the importance of having a good-quality, reliable ironing shoe. That’s why our Iron Shoes are some of the best on the market. Unlike others, the coating on our Iron Shoes is bonded instead of glued, meaning the surface won’t bubble over time. They also feature uniform, fully open holes to ensure consistent steaming every time. Each Iron Shoe is well-fitting and snug, thanks to the felt or silicone lining that prevents the shoe from slipping. For extra long-lasting durability, we also carry Double-Coated Iron Shoes. Quickly find an ironing shoe that fits your irons using the “Filter by Manufacturer” field on the left side of the page. Simply enter the manufacturer and model number of your iron, and we’ll show you only the Iron Shoes that are compatible with your equipment.