Laundromat Pressing

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Achieve Impressive Pressing With Cleaner’s Supply Irons And Steamers.

Make sure all your orders look flawless before handing them off to the customer using Pressing Tools from Cleaner’s Supply. From Irons to Steamers, Cleaner’s Supply has you covered with everything you need to ensure your customers’ garments are wrinkle-free. Choose from a variety of high-quality Irons, including All-Steam Irons, Standard Irons, Gravity-Fed Irons, and more. Or quickly eliminate wrinkles with a Steamer like our Commercial Steamers, Travel Steamers, and more. Whether you need an iron that can keep up with the demands of commercial laundry or just a tool for quick touch-ups, we’ve got a Pressing Tool for you. Shop all Laundromat Pressing Tools here to find the perfect pressing solution to suit your needs.