Plastic Sweater Bags


Protect Sweaters With Plastic Sweater Bags.

Protect sweaters and heavy shirts with a convenient disposable Plastic Sweater Bags from Cleaner’s Supply. Our Plastic Sweater bags help you maintain the neat, professional appearance of sweaters and other garments when you return them to customers. Sweater Bags are lightweight plastic bags with many options of professional printed designs and several different styles. Choose from convenient tape closures and slightly more durable snap closures, as well as sweater bags with or without a convenient opening for a clothes hangers so you can hang garments. For sweaters that your customers intend to store a bit longer, our Breathable Sweater Bags feature a breathable non-woven material back to keep fabrics fresh. In addition to Sweater Bags, we offer a variety of other helpful shirt and sweater packaging, including tissue paper, shirt bags, and more. Browse all of our Sweater Bags and Accessories on this page to keep sweaters and other garments in flawless condition.