Nylon 2-in-1 Laundry Bags


Use Less Plastic with Reusable Nylon 2-In-1 Garment Bags.

Cut down on plastic waste from disposable dry cleaning bags by providing your customers with our reusable Heavy-Weight 2-in-1 Bags from Cleaner’s Supply. These super handy bags can be used as either a hanging garment bag or laundry bag. Simply return garments to customers in a 2-in-1 bag, and they can bring their next load of laundry back in the same bag! Nylon 2-in-1 Bags are made with a quality heavyweight material suited to last for many re-uses. Want to personalize bags for your business? Order a custom-printed bag to feature your business name or logo right on the bag. Shop all of our 2-in-1 convertible laundry bags here to find a super helpful laundry bag that your customers will love.