Pressing & Spotting Valves & Gauges


Shop Steam Valves and Steam Trap Gauges At Cleaner’s Supply.

If you’re looking for replacement Valves and Gauges for your steam system, look no further. At Cleaner’s Supply, we’ve got all the Valves and Gauges you need to keep your store up and running and all of your equipment in top condition. Our top-quality Valves control the flow of steam. They're durable and long-lasting, built to withstand high-temperature direct steam. Choose from a variety of Valve styles, including Ball Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Blow-Down Valves, and many more. Use one of several styles of Gauges to monitor your air, water, and steam lines and make sure everything is operating correctly at all times. Browse all of our Valves and Gauges here to find all the replacement parts you need.