Twist Ties


Cleaner’s Supply Rip-Resistant Twist Ties are Top-Notch Fasteners.

Keep all of the garment pieces in an order grouped with super-handy Twist Ties from Cleaner’s Supply. Easily fasten wire hangers together with these strong, flexible fasteners. Cleaner's Supply Twist Ties feature specially coated paper that’s extra strong and rip-resistant. They’re also wider than most Twist Ties, making them easier to twist. Choose from several Twist Tie styles, including "Twist & Shout" Twist Ties with printed messages, “One Item” Twist Ties for single item orders, Continuous Roll Twist Ties, and our standard Rip Resistant Twist Ties, available in a variety of colors. Browse all twist ties here to find the perfect fastener for grouping hangers and a variety of other helpful purposes.