Standard/Queen Size Breathable Pillow Bags - 30" x 20" x 2 1/2" - 12/Pack

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$37.95 - $42.95

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Breathable Vinyl Bags for Every Order

Breathable Garment Bag

Breathable Garment Bags

Breathable Garment Bags keep your customers’ garments fresh and protected. The zippered vinyl front makes garments easy to see and access, while the breathable non-woven back allows for just enough ventilation.


Breathable Sweater Bags

Leave a lasting impression on your customers with a sweater bag that lets their garments breathe. Each bag is made of vinyl on one side and non-woven material on the other and features a secure snap closure.


Breathable Pillow Bags

Even pillows need a little breathing room! These non-woven/vinyl Pillow Bags protect your customers’ items while allowing the fabric to breathe. They also feature two zipper sliders for easy access on three sides.

Breathable Vinyl Bags

Breathable Vinyl Bags Are a Breath of Fresh Air.

Breathable Vinyl Bags are just what you need to ensure your customers’ garments stay fresh once they’ve left your store. What makes these garment bags “breathable?” While the front of our Breathable Vinyl Bags is made of vinyl plastic, the back consists of a breathable non-woven material that allows for a bit of airflow to the garment, helping preserve the garment’s finish. On top of that, the clear vinyl front keeps the garment visible while protecting it from dust, water, and more. Choose from several styles of Breathable Garment Bags, Breathable Sweater Bags, and even Breathable Pillow Bags to find everything you need to return your customers’ items with care.