Understanding Your Customers Webinar Man With Dry Cleaning

understanding what your customers are thinking. before, during & after covid-19.


Cleaner’s Supply, in partnership with Drive Research, conducted one of the most extensive research studies on what dry cleaning consumers think and are looking for in their dry cleaners before, during, and after COVID-19. This revealing information will not only make you rethink your common beliefs and practices, but will also have you looking at your business in a whole new light from your operations to marketing. Get ready to find ways to grow your business now and after the pandemic.



• We all thought location, location, location was the most important reason why a consumer chooses one cleaner over the others. But is it really? Be prepared to change your thinking on this. We will explore what your customers are truly looking for.

• Millennials and the younger generation think about dry cleaning much more differently than Baby Boomers. By understanding these differences, there’s a real opportunity to attract these future customers.

• What’s your customer perceptions around Pick-Up & Delivery, Wash N’ Fold and being Eco-Friendly? We will be addressing these different areas and what matters most to your customers and how to grow these parts of your business even more.

• What’s the best way to keep your customers informed or send them specials? We have insight into this so that you will be more effective on your communications and marketing to your customers.

• We will review what your customers are thinking in regards to their dry cleaning now and after COVID-19.



Jeff Schapiro
President, Cleaner's Supply


Research Study conducted by Drive Research