Specialty Thread

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Specialty Sewing Threads For Upholstery, Embroidery, Elastic, And More.

Specialty garments and projects require Specialty Thread—and with Cleaner’s Supply Specialty Threads, you can find a thread for any job. From Waxed Silamide Thread to metallic embroidery thread, and more, we’ve got a thread for every occasion. Choose from a large selection of threads for specialty use, including Bonded Threads, Embroidery Threads, Variegated Threads, Upholstery Threads, Stretch and Elastic Threads, Pre-Wound Bobbins, and many more. Browse all Specialty Threads here, or use the filters on the left side of the page to narrow your results by brand, material, use, weight, length, or color to find exactly the thread you need for the job at hand.