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Sewing Scissors, Rotary Cutters, Thread Snips and More Cutting Tools.

Cleaner’s Supply Scissors and Cutting Tools are sharp and reliable for the perfect cut every time. Whether you’re cutting fabric or thread, we’ve got the perfect Cutting Tool for the job. For fabric cutting, Rotary Cutters and Scissors are both excellent choices. Rotary Cutters allow you to make long, uninterrupted cuts and are good for cutting through multiple fabric layers, where Sewing scissors offer more control over your fabric cutting. For cutting thread, Thread Snips allow you to cut threads as you work, and Seam Rippers allows you to quickly remove unwanted seams. We also offer cutting tools for more specialty uses: cut out small details with a Pen Knife, create buttonholes with a Buttonhole Cutter, cut through fabric layers quickly with a Cutting Machine, and more. Plus, don’t forget to check out our other handy cutting accessories, including Rotary Replacement Blades, Cutting Mats, Scissor Sharpeners, and more. Browse all of our handy scissors and Cutting Tools here to find a durable cutting tool to make your work easier.