No Rip 4" Twist Ties - 2,000/Box - Blue

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Special coated paper prevents ripping and Makes removing Twist ties easy.

Use our No-Rip twist ties to color code different orders or to group orders or hangers together. Our twist ties are wider than most others - 1/4" wide - which make twisting even easier. They are made from a specially coated paper that won't rip or pull off which makes it easy for customers to remove. Available in a variety of colors and lengths. 2,000 per box.


  • Multiple uses
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • 2,000 per box

Product Specifications

Brand: Cleaner's Supply
Units: 2,000/Box
Size / Dimension: 4" L x 1/4" W
Material: Paper Specially Coated /Galvanized Wire

Stronger. Easier. Better. No-Rip™ Twist Ties.

Twist Ties Size Chart


Our 1/4" wide Twist Ties are wider than most others for even easier twisting. Choose from 5 lengths – 4", 7", 11", 14" and 18". Also available on a continuous roll.

Ours vs Theirs Twist Ties


No more frustration not knowing which direction to untwist the Twist Tie. Our special coated paper won't rip or pull off, making it easier to remove.

Cleaner's Supply Twist Ties 8 Colors


Color code your orders. With 8 colors to choose from, you have plenty of options. Colors include: Blue, Blue & White Stripe, Green, Green & White Stripe, Orange, Red & White Stripe, White or Yellow.

Are the paper colors of the Twist Ties colorfast?
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No, they are not made from wet strength paper. The twist ties shouldn’t be getting wet as they are initially designed for tying several hangers together. If color transfer is a concern, the all-white ties or using a shorter twist tie to help prevent the twist tie from reaching the clothing should help.
  • logologo Staff

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