Dennison 1" Fasteners #10453 - 5,000/Box - White

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Half the fasteners per clip (only 50 vs. 100), make these simple to use.

Made of heat-resistant nylon, these Dennison 1" white fine fabric fasteners (#10453) will not melt in your hot head press. Safer and more dependable than metal staples and pins, these fasteners securely hold tags to garments. Features a moisture blocker to help prevent humid environments from weakening fasteners. 50 fasteners per clip and 5,000 per box.


  • Will not melt in your hot head press
  • Made of heat-resistant nylon
  • 1"
  • Holds tags to garments

Product Specifications

Brand: Dennison®
Units: 5,000/Box
Size / Dimension: 1"
Material: Nylon
Purchased Denison fasteners, you may check our record for the type. I know they are white ad I believe they are the sturdier type, which should not melt. Problem we have is they come off the piece tags that we use! We fold the piece tags over the garment and the needle goes through the tag … garment and then …tag. I don’t know what we should do? Any suggestion or is there any particular way that the need to be fastened to the garment that would prevent that fasteners from coming out. The fasteners are not on the garment after the garments come out of the machine. So that tells me they are breaking off in the machine either due to heat, agitation, or perc melting them off. What should we do to address this?
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The white fasteners we carry are nylon and have an additive in them which makes them resistant to heat, agitation, and chemicals (even perc). Sometimes the person using the tagging gun is moving too fast and pulls the needle out prior to the end of the fastener end clearing the needle end. When that happens the fasteners are not secured in the garment and the fastener and tag will fall out of the clothing.
  • logologo Staff
What’s the difference between the clear and the white Dennison fasteners?
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The white fasteners are made of nylon and have a high heat resistance. They will not melt when used in hot head applications. The clear fasteners are constructed of polypropylene; they are not as strong but tend to break easily in order to take off tags. The clear fasteners are not heat resistant and do have a tendency of melting when used in conjunction with hot head presses.
  • logologo Staff

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